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COY scarf collection is quirky, edgy and playful in style. COY scarves are all in-house print designs drawn by Janice and delicately printed on silk.  What makes the scarves unique is the decorative tassels and ornaments included in the designs that make them lively, giving them each a character, and such playful additions are the signature of the scarf collection.


The scarves are made in Suzhou in China.  It is known as the silk capital of China.  The silk scarves are soft to touch and possess a high moisture absorption rate as well as a shimmering and attractive appearance.  By using high quality China silk and applying skillful processing technique, the scarf designs are giving a twist to the traditional China silk scarves.  This artistic interpretation of east meets west serves the Asian market as well as the Western.

COY aims to encourage people to add some color essence to their daily look, so as to brighten up their daily mood. The scarves are said to be effortless to wear, easy to carry and yet, influence more people to accept wearing prints and colors.


"Wear to Play, Play to Wear" is the general concept and spirit of COY, an independent designer label founded in 2012, led by Janice Chung who graduated from Central St. Martins in London, majored in Fashion Print.


During her time in London, she had the opportunity to work for Alexander Mcqueen, Elspeth Gibson, Laura Lees Label, etc... where she was involved in designing prints and surface textile embroideries.  That also gave rise to her interest in prints and colors.  Later, Janice returned to Hong Kong and launched her own scarf brand "COY".

Janice has made a breakthrough in the 2013 Spring Summer collection.  'Metamorphoscarf'- a collection about metamorphosis of scarves into apparels. A collection of scarves that grew out wearable parts such as sleeves, armholes, necklines, etc...  This collection received instant recognition in the Macao Fashion Festival 2013 catwalk platform and gained big applause from the public.


Janice continues her design direction focusing mainly on scarves but also develop an apparel line with her specially drawn prints.  She also designs printed evening gowns and cocktail dresses for local celebrities, taking tailor-made orders.

Janice enjoys the scarf-making process, as she believes whoever wears a COY scarf can feel the live and spirit in it. She also thinks prints and colors can stimulate one's mood and temper. Hence, COY scarf collection was created in the hope that she can help make the world a happier place.

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