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Patchwork Lace Candy

  • 。The story is about Peony, a quintessential country girl, who moved to the city to follow her dreams.  And yet, deep down she yearns for the past and the carefree charm of the countryside - the clear blue sky, the sound of birds chirping, the earthy and fresh smell of the garden, the smell of freshly-baked scones by grandma and the way she would roam freely around the fields with her friends.


    And so, she channeled her homesickness through an expressive way by creating a collection of scarves called "Love play Stitch". The handcrafted scarves artfully capture the sense of nostalgia with graphics of flying birds, vintage clocks and tea cups.  The prints are presented in the form of blurry textural surface, as an imitation of stitches she had learnt from her grandma at an early age.

    。Full of fun and details mix media blockings and patching.  This piece is a craftmanship patchwork artpiece.
    。Long shape
    。Scarf can be folded in small size to keep in tiny handbag
    。Every scarf is made with the highest quality of materials and workmanship. The slight variation in color and texture of the scarf is part of the natural beauty and authenticity of each individual piece. Please handle with extra care

    。Width x Length (200cm x 30cm)

    。Mix media material

    。Hand Wash with Cold Water

    。Do not Tumble Dry

    。Do not Bleach

    。Iron or steam between low and medium heat




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